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Business & Marketing Consulting Solutions

Agro Exports can assist you with;

  1. Industry Analysis & Market Research, Canadian Dairy Industry, Global Beef Industry
  2. Production Plans,
  3. Business Plans,
  4. Farm Production & Design Plans – Maternal Farms & Feedlots  
  5. Sales & Marketing Solutions ,
  6. Promotional Plans,

for increased Revenues & lower Costs, to ensure the success of your Genetics & Production Technologies programs.

Business Solutions BLOG by Greg Nolan, MBA

Agro Export Deliverable Consulting Solutions

Industry Analysis - understand your Industry opportunities, weaknesses and threats. Canadian Dairy Industry.
Production Plans - Purebred & CrossBreeding Production Systems Methods.  
Business Plans - start ups, or expansion Plans.
Sale Plans  - End delivery of the Products from the Business Plan.       
Marketing Plans - Products, Pricing, Places, People & Production make up the Plan.

Promotional Plans 

Website Consulting Services
Promotional & Advertising Programs
Sale Catalogue Planning from Sales/Marketing Plans
Embryo Catalogue Planning from Sales/Marketing Plans
Semen Catalogue Planning from Sales/Marketing Plans

We can research, assess, and prepare Professional Sales & Marketing Plans for your operation based upon solid market research and a predetermined End Goal Analysis.

End Goals >  We initially spend time to assist you in understanding your viable End Goals.
We offer you Industry Analysis, Business Plans, Production Plans, and Sales & Marketing Plan options, based upon your current Genetic & Production Technologies, that will satisfy your pre determined End Goals.