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Genetic Selection & Production Technology

The Agro Ex mission is to deliver "Superior Breeding Genetics for Dairy & Beef Cattle" for the use in a highly specifically designed "Production & Management Program" developed over the last 38 years. These Genetics & Production Methods have been developed and tested at farms around the globe, & researched and recorded for future development by Agro Ex Principal Greg Nolan and partners in Agro Exports.

Agro Exports, under the direction of Greg Nolan, has developed the "Beef Genetic Production Technologies" that are recognized as the forefront of the Beef industry Production Practices worldwide.   In fact, so forefront in the Industry, these Methods is not recognized officially in Canada at a Commercial level; but only at a Research level. Countries such as Australia, and Uruguay have developed similar technologies but Canada remains in the need for technologies as does the World market.

With this as the End Goal, Greg has been approached by numerous groups in foreign countries to Implement these technologies in emerging countries that are establishing a Beef & Dairy Industry from scratch, or simply trying to improve either Genetic Production or Management Technology Improvements.

A. Genetic Selection

Genetics Listing:

Dairy Embryos

Beef Embryos

  1. Fleckvieh
    General Partners
    - Semex Beef   

    Simmental Fleckvieh
    - PHS   Prospect Hills Simmentals   
    - RPF – Roy Phillips Farms
    - YCR – Yankee Creek Ranch 

  2. Red Angus
    - Brylor Ranches 

  3. Angus
     - Benchmark Angus   

Live Cattle

Dairy & Beef >>  Contact the Agro office for more information on Dairy, Fleckvieh, Angus & Red Angus Live Cattle.

Dairy Genetics > Milk Production & Balanced Longevity

Via Pax & Agro Ex Milk Production System is based upon quality Genetics and high level of sophisticated farm management.   We will assist you in assessing your present Production program and assess your needs with a Solution for immediate improvement and we will ensure a long term working relationship with your operation. 

Click here for info on the Canadian Dairy Industry - Short Slide Version
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Beef Genetics > Profitable Meat Production & World Class Hybrid Crossbreeding Systems

The Agro Ex “Maternal Beef Genetics Crossbreeding System” offers our producers different  “Maternal Genetic Production” options; 1. Elite Fleckvieh - Polled, 2. Elite Red Angus, 3. Elite Angus, and a sophisticated crossbreeding Program of HYbrids - two breed cross bulls from these breeds of half to 7/8 percentages and Stabilizer Bulls -- three breed or more crosses of these breeds, including some Gelbvieh blood.

Of course, we can access and provide other Maternal Beef Options, such as Hereford & Waygu cattle. 

Overview - Maternal Beef Genetics CrossBreeding Systems       (  Appendix 1 )  

Terminal Genetics & Crossbreeding Options

  1. Charolais
  2. Limosine
  3. Blonde D’ Aquitaine

Genetic Selection > To assist our clients to drive their commercial production or Elite production the desired level of performance. We developed and implement a three prong Genetic Selection System;

  1. Genetic Ancestry - Sire Lines and Cow Families. Genetic Line Mapping mating techniques. 
  2. Physical assessment -- phenotype, actual measurements, Performance & physical Carcass ratios & indices.
  3. Genetic Evaluations – three areas GEs; BIO multi breed ABC comparative EPDs ( the only EPD system in the world for Commercial cattle ), National Breed Association EPDs, and Genomics or DNA markers.  

1. Genetic Ancestry   > Genetic Line Mapping

Our technologies and experiences at Agro Export come from over 20 years experience with planned mating Genetic advancement goals, as well as a wealth of experience in cross breeding and mating Genetic Lines both “within” and “across” the Beef breeds.

We use our knowledge in “Genetic Line Mapping” as a Consulting Project Objective; via crossing specific Genetic Lines based our past experiences & consulting skills,  we will Aim for the End Goals.

Our understanding of Genetics is a deep and comprehensive, a skill used in Consulting Projects to help our clients SELECT the Genetics that will produce Results. 

Cow Families > Cow families are always used in evaluation of Individuals for selection.

Sire Lines Mapping > Sire lines bring certain traits to the Genetics, and we know the traits of each Sire Line.

We share the basic Genetic Line Maps here.

Dairy Genetic Lines

Holstein Genetic Maps
Jersey Genetic Maps

Beef Genetic Lines

Polled Fleckvieh Genetic Maps ( Appendix 2 )
Angus Genetic Maps  ( Appendix 3 )
Red Angus Genetic Maps  ( Appendix 4 )
Nelore Genetic Maps ( Appendix 5 )

2. Physical assessment

Phenotype, actual measurements, Performance & physical Carcass ratios & indices.

 3. Genetic Evaluations

Three areas GEs; BIO multi breed ABC comparative EPDs ( the only EPD system in the world for Commercial cattle ), National Breed Association EPDs, and Genomics or DNA markers.  

 B. Production Technologies

 For End Production Improvement !!!

Genetic success can only be possible with a well planned and organized Production Management Farms.

Dairy > Dairy Production farms are highly successful only when the most efficient and effective system is implemented for your environment.  We can provide Dairy Production Technologies that will provide our clients with Long Term success !!!

Our expertise & technologies drive Improvements in these areas;

Elite Genetics – the development of “Elite Genetics” in the Dairy gene pool dictates producers operate at a very high level of Genetic Selection & Production. 

Commercial Heifer Production Farms – Selecting heifers to sell for Production is the focus factor here, again, based upon Genetics & Production practices for maximum heifer production.

Milk Production Farms – Extreme & Intense Management practices with constant Improvements as the Goal; via Genetic Improvement thru Selection and Production Improvements.   The Guerilla of our Production Projects. 

Veal Production – Our technologies can assist Producers Plan, Design & Implement an ongoing and sustainable Veal production aspect to your Dairy operation, no matter what the size or genetic make up of your herd.  This is a Beef Industry technology.

Beef > Beef Production Systems is again part of the successful implementation of superior Genetics combined with Production Technologies. These systems will include Elite Genetic selection, Maternal & Terminal CrossBreeding systems and Production Technologies & Systems for maximum efficiency & profitable solutions to the Producer. 

Maternal Farms >  Our Production Systems call for the development of satellite Maternal Farms to provide Inventories to the Feedlot or Finishing Farms.  Maternal farms are ONLY located where there is enough Pasture, Feed & Forage to sustain a group of females from 100 to 2500 producing mother cows.

The Production Systems employed at the Maternal Farms will include Elite Genetics of both Maternal & Terminal Breeds, Crossbreeding Systems, Feed production and pasture management.  

Corral & Maternal Farms Designs are part of our Consulting Projects.

Feedlot or Finishing Farms > Large central Feedlot farms are located where the Feed is produced OR can be transported, as this is intensive feeding of up to 25,000 animals in one corral or farm.

Our designs and technologies are tested and proved in Western Canada, where our Feedlot Partners  will be involved to ensure planning, design, and development is sustainable based upon the Maternal Farms, Feed availability and Marketing options for the cattle.