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Cattle & Embryo Export Delivery

Agro Exports - Your Export/Import Partner

Agro Exports in as an Exporter from Canada who will provide relationships for it’s clients not only internally within Canada for technological advancements, and genetic excellence using our world leading Genetic expertise for selection; Agro Exports will also provide relationship opportunities for International clients for connections Globally to satisfy International Livestock Industry Connectivity for end goal accomplishments.
In the Export business, Agro Exports is bringing to the table the World Leading expertise of Greg Nolan & his Production technologies to the Industry.

Strategic Alliances have been struck up within Canadian Export industry; specifically with Via Pax Ltd. of Georgetown, ON. Via Pax principal, Don Rowntree has worked in the Russian market since 1983; and brings to the “Agro Export Alliance” a wealth of experience & knowledge to the team. Click here for our Partners page.

Agro Exports is located in Ontario; in the capital city of Toronto; and the cultural capital of Canada, making Agro Exports located in the hub of International travel of Canada. Our ability to host buyer groups from around the world and specifically Russia is greatly enhanced by our location.

Equally true from a supply side as well. The shipments to Eastern Europe will leave from the eastern seaboard and most of the cattle sourced in the East, the provinces of Ontario & Quebec, making Agro Exports located within the supply area.

Furthermore; Agro Exports has a strong working relationship with producers within the Industry for ease of Animal Selection. 

Export Market expansion > We can assist you in all aspects of Export Delivery.

Export Partners > Agro Exports has alliances with the leading Exporters in North America that can assure delivery and Performance of Export Contracts.

Decades of Experience is part of what you will find on the Agro Exports Team !!!!

Click here for the Export Project Partners page.