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Appendix 1.  Maternal Beef Genetics CrossBreeding Systems

Agro Exports Breeding Philosophies & Techniques
POLLED FLECKVIEH/ANGUS Maternal Crossbreeding System = Maternal Power !!!!

Greg Nolan has a consistent willingness to lead the way in search of better ideas.  Our modus operandi is not to take excessive risks, not to deviate wildly, and not to depart from our established principals and commitments. 

Since the late 70's, he has patiently searched for a value added beef program that creates clear and objective consumer advantages.  We have also been looking for a Maternal Cross that increases end-product quality.  Finally, we have found the solution to both searches at once - and the answers are not radical changes from our long-term goals or systems!

A simple, integrated, self-sustaining system for making profit in the cattle business !!

--  Agro Exports Breeding Philosophies & Techniques !!!

B. Agro Export Selection Methods & Certified Genetics
Superior Genetics Breeding Program

  1. Genetics >> Sire Lines, Cow Families, & Genetic Line Matching
  2. Physical Assessment >> Visual Appraisal, Actual Performance, Adjusted Values & Ratios
  3. Genetic Evaluations & Markers >> Across Breed BIO EPDs, Breed Association EPDs, & DNA markers. 

Beef Cattle  -- Fleckvieh, Angus & Red Angus
Polled FLECKVIEH/ANGUS Maternal Beef Cattle
Our Goal: Be a major source for profitable beef cattle genetics with emphasis on Maternal Abilities, as we believe the money is in the Cowherd !! 
A Balance of Maternal & Terminal Options within our program. Fleckvieh is the foundation of our genetics - the most popular pool in the world !!!

1. Fleckvieh
The World's Maternal Breed; muscle, milk, performance & carcass traits.
Low Frame + High Gain = More Meat; Fleckvieh - Muscle, Milk & Performance !!!
Low Frame = Easier Calving !!!



For 40 years we have bred the convenience oriented, problem free cattle in demand today, we just needed more like them!  We have taken the same cattle to town from 1976 at the first Simmental shows here in North America , to shows all over Canada , Brazil & United States.
"Polled Pure 100%" Simmentals
Greg Nolan , was a pioneer in the Polled Fullblood industry here in North America , taking it on in 1981 with the Purchase of AWL Polar Best 2M semen.   This guy is the grandsire of Harkaway Enforcer 16Y. Since then, we have been producing Homozygous Polled Bulls and still in 2003 we are building more. We pioneered this category - we will continue on; all with the Maternal performance goal!!  Polled Fullblood Genetics all over the world. Maybe the best all around Simmental in the world is a polled Fullblood Simmental - Bar 5 Paymaster 1334D...But be rest assured; the Best is yet to come.


826M Expert

b) "SA – South African Fleckvieh" & “OF – Original Fleckvieh from Germany “
    Pure 100% "Maternal Power"  Fullblood Fleckvieh SA from our Breeding operation in South Africa   - since 1999

No other BREED can offer you easier calving, lower maintenance with the MATERNAL POWER of FLECKVIEH !!!


2.  2000  >>  Red Angus
AR Red Angus
A Pure breed 100% for Maternal Crossbreeding !!!  North America 's most popular breed. The workhorse of the mid west - if you need a moderate Maternal option, need some marbling in your cows, have a mixed cowherd and/or limited feed - then we can help !!  Bar 5 AR- the pure Red option for moderate maternal needs.   

Moderate Maternal, Low Maintenance with high marbling; The North American success story. The largest herdbook in North America .

Angus Red are designed to be 100% pure, top of the breed individuals for either the purebred red angus breeders, of hybrid producers who want pure AR for their programs. We will identify the lines on our Agro Ex  Angus Red Genetic Maps  - you decide where, when & how - we will give you the info.

3.    ANGUS – AN

The most populous breed in North America   !!!  
Moderate Maternal, Low Maintenance with high marbling; The North American success story. The largest herdbook in North America .

 The “AN origin lines” are the work of some Angus friends, Mike of Benchmark/Alcan; Travis of Ole Angus, Jeronimo of Viola Simmental, Lee of LCoC &. “Angus Legends, Volume 1”- by Tom Burke, Kurt Schaff & Rance Long; 2nd Edition; a text book from the “Angus Hall of Fame” was an invaluable source, and offer a must read history of the origins of the Angus breed. To order Our Angus Genetic Maps has assigned the “Line Origin” of “Line Starter” based upon our research & our 36 years of Fleckvieh/Simmental breeding, and welcome any comments or assistance.

We are deeply involved in the Anus Industry – and can offer you expert Genetic Selection advice.

LCC Few Dollars More 013N


4.  HYBRIDS F-1 >> FleckAngus, SimmAngus & GelbAngus
FxA - FleckAngus
SxA - SimmAngus
GxA – GelbAngus    
Hybrids – a two breed cross of pure blooded genes !!!! 

4. >> 4000 -- HYBRIDS F-1 Hybrids – two breeds !!!
Best of Both Worlds !!!   Moderate Maternal, Low Mainteneance with high marbling; The North American success story, Hybrids !!!!
FleckAngus --  Yes, we have taken some of the best genetics from both breeds and combined them. Would you expect anything less from Agro Ex ?    Yes, SA Optimal calves from 4912 daughters are here, Saskatoon out of Fleck cows. We will stop at nothing to bring our customers, the very best Commercial Cowherd Solutions".
FleckAngus is here and may be the best too you have for cowherd efficiency. Still the most recognized and unique player in the commercial world. Ever try to buy some? We did and we were paying too high a price for our commercial replacements, so we thought we better raise some. For hitting both grade and yield targets from the Maternal side, nothing is better in the commercial world! No one searches the world more than Bar 5 for multi-dimensional cattle that Bend the Growth Curve.
FxA - carcass. Maternal. Performance. More Beef & Carcass traits that hit the target !!!
FleckAngus --  Again, we have turned Saskatoon and our Red Angus herdbulls out with the herd of Simmental Fullbolood cows we brought from the old Manitoba operation.
SxA - Carcass. Maternal. Performance. More Beef & Carcass traits that hit the target !!!
GelbAngus --  We sourced some GelbAngus Hybrid cross genetics for our producer partners from Leachman Cattle of Colorado, to allow a full four breed bang when used on a Fleck/Red Angus Hybrid !!!!
Bar 5 GxA - carcass. Maternal. Performance. More Beef & Carcass traits that hit the target !!!

F-1 FleckAngus OPTIMIZER 461P

LCoC Powerball N143

5. STABILIZERS –  F-2 Hybrids & Multi Breed Stabilizers
a) 5000 >> F-2 Hybrids or Multi-Breed Stabilizers of “¾ to ¼” of One or More Breeds !!!
b) 6000 – 7/8 or more Angus Hybrids !!!   
c) 7000 >> 7/8 Simmental – 7/8 or higher Simmental !!!!!
a)   5000 – F-2 Second Crosses or Multi-Breed Stabilizers – three or more breeds !!!
>> F-3 or more !!!  Multi Breed !!!
“The very best Commercial Cowherd Solutions"   
Stabilize with the best of many breeds !!!

Moderate Maternal, Low Maintenance with high marbling; The best of both or many worlds.
In 2003, we began our production of Hybrids and Stabilizer bulls. We did so to produce and select the bulls with the desired traits from the foundation breeds. Our program is designed to utilize the best of the Full Gene Polls, when was the last time u hear of Dekalb or Pioneer using Pure Bred corn ??      
Click here  for the WEB doc of Dave Nichos, Nichols Farms discussion of Crossbreeding and the use of Hybrid Bulls
>  From Leachman Cattle of Colorado; discussion on Stabilizer Hybrids & Composites


b)   6000 – ANy – Angus Hybrids 
Multi Crosses of Angus to be higher than a ¾ and become an Angus Hybrid at the 7/8 mark !!!
High Percentage Angus >> Use on 7/8 or more Continental Females – yes, your Limo, Char, Simmental and Fleckvieh cross cows !!!!

Let the power of Hybrid Stabilized One Breed Bulls take your program where u need to go !!!    We recommend the use of high percentage Angus Hybrids and are mostly Angus but with some Continental blood to retain more in your cross calves !!!!    All with the traits of Angus but a little extra REA and milk for your cross production.
Beef like Angus !!    with the Genetic Power of Hybrid !!!!

c)    SR & SB    >>  7000  -- Registered 7/8 ore more Simmental !! 
High Percentage Polled  Simmentals >> Use on 7/8 or more Angus or British Based Females

Polled Red Simmentals – SR --
We have bred the convenience oriented, problem free Simmentals in demand today; if your cows are one bred influenced, fairly homogeneous - you can turn out a Bar 5 SR Super Baldie - calving ease Maternal option ! We build most of these cattle from 100% Fullblood mammas - using proven super Easy EPD calving bulls with moderate Simmental performance with high maternal values. Not many others can say this - Pure Simmentals back these bulls up. Do not be fooled by imitations - these Bar 5 Simmental Reds (Bar 5 SR) are designed for a specific purpose. Maternal specific. Performance specific. Calving Ease specific. Cattle are hard not to like !!!
Polled Black Simmental – SB - Yes, Maternal Crossing would not be complete without High Maternal therefore High Percentage Simmental Black options. Big rib eye with low back fat.
Simmental Black are Super easy calving, Simmental Performance with high Simmental maternal values. If you have homogeneous commercial cows at the 7/8 or more British blood level and need to zip up your performance without loosing calving ease & want to keep them Black - Bar 5 SB's are here to go to work !!!