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Beef Export Partner

Brazil, Latin Americas, & USA    
Oscar Kennedy
American Marketing Services, Inc. – International
P.O. BOX 5096
Glen Allen, Virginia 230585096
PHN: 8047986355,  FAX: 8043680584

American Marketing Service Inc. – International :  To provide the international shipment services for agriculture products from the farm/warehouse to customers throughout the world.

Commercial activities are sales of agriculture products of which nearly 100% are exported  to customers in international markets.
April 2006  American marketing services has been engaged in the export of livestock genetics from north America for 28 years with sales to more than 60 countries and total sales of more than two hundred million dollars.

Products sold vary from food and agriculture products, farm equipment to genetically superior breeding animals, frozen semen and embryos.  During the past 26 years, American marketing services has developed a reliable and experienced group of cattle suppliers in the US  These cattle suppliers offer for selection only cattle from farmers with excellent management and veterinary health programs.

Products are assembled by contract specifications which meet the import requirements of the country of destination, documented, authenticated and transportation chartered to deliver the products to any country in the world.

Listed, approved and bonded export company by the US. Department of agriculture.  Agriculture contracts include the use of US Government loan programs including USDA/commodity credit programs.  Additional lending programs that have been utilized in sales projects include the agency for international development (aid), world bank and export import bank.

American marketing services has been the manager of the US Department of agriculture veterinary services quarantine center for the export of livestock at Richmond, Virginia.  In cooperation with and working with USDA veterinary services has processed approximately 60 livestock ships of breeding cattle (about 85,000 head) from Canada and the united states to other countries.  From 1991 2003, American marketing services has chartered and loaded for their own account 24 livestock ships, about 44,000 head.  

Provide technical assistance to customers through commercial representative and personnel from land grant universities.  A scholarship fund has been established at Virginia polytechnic institute and state university for advanced studies in agriculture for foreign students.

Oscar is past president of the livestock exporters association – USA having served as president from 2000 2007.

Oscar, as president of the livestock exporters association of the united states, has developed the "certificate of identification" for each of the non registered holsteins that are selected at the farms by the buyer.  This certificate provides a photo identification, name of the farm and production for the state from which the animal is purchased.

Presently, American marketing services, inc. International is engaged in additional livestock activities including a 50% ownership in a company, American pacific, inc. International, which is a company established in the state of Hawaii.  This company has a livestock sales program of shipping cattle by ship from the state of Hawaii to the united states mainland, Mexico and Canada.  The company is presently shipping about 10,000 to 15,000 head of beef cattle per year to feed lots in the United States mainland.

Originally incorporated on January 13, 1978 under the laws of the state of Virginia.

At the time of retirement of two of the owners/partners in 1991, the company was restructured and is now owned by one of the original partners, Oscar W. Kennedy, Jr., president.  Oscar was one of  the original founders and stockholders in 1978, serving as secretary/treasurer from 1978 1991.  Oscar Kennedy has been active professionally in international sales for more than thirty years.  Ms. Sandra Bohanon has been employed since 1985 and has served as office manager, secretary/treasurer for the past fourteen years.

The company’s office  is located in glen Allen, Virginia, mailing address P.O. Box 5096, glen Allen, Virginia 23058 5096, Phone: 804 798 6355 // fax:  804 368 0584 // e mail:

From 1970 1978, Oscar was assistant director of international sales for the Holstein Friesian Association of America.  During this time, international sales of livestock were approximately fifty million US Dollars.
From 1965 1970, Oscar was director of international trade, livestock marketing for the government of the state of Virginia.
From 1957 1970, Oscar managed dairy farms in the state of Virginia.
From 1954 1957, Oscar completed a B.S. Degree in dairy science at Virginia polytechnic institute and state university.